Event Recaps

December 20 – Houston, TX – Spanish Why Israel

On Friday, December 20th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted a Spanish Why Israel event in Houston, Texas. This event was hosted by Pastor Andres Miranda of Iglesia De Dios Esperanza de Vida, who went on our CUFI Latino Pastors Israel Tour last March. As a result of the great impact our Israel Tour had on his life, he desired to host this event so his congregation could receive the vision, mission, and Pro-Israel biblical mandate that CUFI shares with Hispanic Evangelicals all over our nation and in Puerto Rico through our National Hispanic Outreach. It was great to see so many of Pastor Miranda‘s congregants join him in becoming CUFI members and financial partners through giving to our CUFI On Campus efforts. It was also great to hear from Pastor Miranda about his desire to host another CUFI event next year. Thus, this event was quite successful for Zion’s sake.