December 16 Anchorage, Alaska Stand with Israel Spanish

This year, the Hanukkah week of 2017 was celebrated by our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach through a Spanish Standing With Israel event in Anchorage, Alaska on Saturday, December 16th. This memorable event was hosted by Pastor Moyce Polanco of Iglesia De Dios Betel, who serves as our Alaska Hispanic Outreach State Director. Our National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, shared a special presentation based on the history of Hanukkah along with a bible teaching on the biblical mandate for Christians to stand with Israel. The host congregation was very receptive to the message they received, and they responded with great support for Israel as many of them renewed their commitment as CUFI members while others became members for the first time, and they collectively gave an offering to the great work of CUFI on Campus. Additionally, Host Pastor Moyce Polanco announced our plans to have a 2018 CUFI Hispanic Outreach Alaska Tour through which we will conduct several events at other churches and cities throughout the state. All in all, this event served to continue and increase our National Hispanic Outreach momentum nationwide!