Dec 2-4 Leicester and Alden, NY Standing With Israel Event/ Leaders Luncheon

For the first time in ten years the doors opened for CUFI to present multiple times in the Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas of the region. The response at all of the events was so hopeful and again made me mindful of the long journey it is for many in our Christian community from “Why Should I Care to What Can I do?” (Thank you Randy Neal!)

One of the host pastors grabbed me after a Sunday morning service and was very excited about the response from his congregants. Many new families became members of CUFI and a comment I heard over and over again was, “I didn’t know any of this!” Pastor Ron Domina, CUFI Region 10 Director is working with the pastors represented in the various events to bring a bus/buses to the 2019 CUFI DC Summit. I also had three new Congressional Liaisons sign up for training and they have already been contacted by Randy Neal, National Outreach Director and are excited with the new possibilities to “add action to their faith” in standing with Israel!