Danon to UNSC: Act against Iran’s nuclear threat

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon sent a letter to the members of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, calling upon them to act against Iran’s nuclear threat.

In his letter, Danon mentioned that Iran’s failed attempt to launch a satellite to space at the beginning of February was carried by a rocket able to carry a nuclear head.

By doing so, Danon claimed, “Iran has clearly and blatantly ignored the call by the international community to cease this type of activity that violates Security Council Resolution 2231, which accompanies the nuclear agreement with the superpowers.”

“The international community should view this as another provocative act that is part of Iran’s hostile ballistic missile program,” Danon wrote. “Iran’s efforts to promote this plan not only threatens its neighbors and the entire Middle East, but also a large portion of European countries.”

Danon added in his letter that “Iran has become the main supplier of ballistic missile technologies to Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, while providing these capabilities to non-state actors and terrorist operatives.”

Danon finished his letter by calling on the Security Council to “join countries that have already taken measures to curb the threat posed by Iranian missiles.”

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