Talking Points

CUFI Talking Points on the Iran Deal

The deal that the Obama Administration reached with Iran in Geneva last month is looking worse with each passing day. This deal revives the Iranian economy by easing economic sanctions on Iran at the very point when these sanctions were beginning to work. In exchange for this very real economic relief, we got a handful of meaningless Iranian promises. This deal gives Iran a green light to continue enriching uranium up to 5% in violation of no less than six United Nations Security Council resolutions. The deal does not require Iran to dismantle any part of the vast nuclear infrastructure it assembled in direct contravention of these resolutions. And the deal does nothing to stop Iran from using its new installments of cash and time to advance the weakest parts of its nuclear program — bomb technology and the ballistic missiles needed to deliver such bombs to Israel, Europe or the U.S. CUFI will continue to do everything in our power to support the toughest possible sanctions on Iran as soon as possible since this is the only thing short of war that can stop the unthinkable prospect of an Iran armed with nuclear weapons.