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CUFI finishes up conference in Washington, then moves on to what it calls its real work

About 1,500 Christians from all 50 states headed to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, taking action on behalf of Israel.

Christians United for Israel (CUFI), which bills itself as the world’s largest pro-Israel organization, held its annual summit in and around Washington early this week, culminating with its congressional lobbying day. CUFI’s co-executive director Shari Dollinger told JNS, though, that the real labor starts when everyone departs D.C.

“Really, for us, the work begins when folks go home. And while it’s important that they’re face-to-face with their senators and their members of Congress, it is what happens between summits that’s important. It is the 50 events that we do every single month in churches across America to educate Christians about why and how to support Israel. It is the work that we do on college campuses, the work that we do with the millennial generation and through social media. We tell Israel’s story 365 days a year,” said Dollinger.

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