Antisemitism In The News

Chief rabbi of Russia calls on Moscow to denounce official’s ‘vulgar’ anti-Semitism

Russia’s Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar on Wednesday called on Moscow to denounce a top official’s “vulgar” anti-Semitism, saying it posed a “huge danger” to the Jewish community in the country.

The call to condemn Alexei Pavlov, assistant secretary of Russia’s Security Council, came in response to an article (Russian) he wrote claiming that “neo-pagan cults,” including the Chabad movement, had taken over Ukraine.

Pavlov added that Chabad’s guiding principle was to enshrine its superiority “above all nations and peoples,” and therefore it had become “increasingly urgent to carry out the de-satanization of Ukraine.”

In a letter shared with Haaretz, Lazar, leader of Chabad in Russia, “demand[ed] condemnation from the government for the nonsense” written by Pavlov, which was “an insult to millions of Jewish believers, including the vast majority of Jews in Russia.”

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