Caving in to Iranian pressure, Oman keeps Israeli flights out of its skies

Oman has refused to open its airspace to Israeli flights due to pressure from Iran, Israel Hayom learned Thursday.

Securing such passage would have allowed Israel to slash flight times to Far East countries, such as India, Thailand, and China, together with Saudi Arabia’s announcement last month to open its airspace to all airlines, including Israeli flights.

Official expected the approval from Oman to be a mere formality. Just last week, Chief Executive of El Al Airlines Dina Ben-Tal said permission to fly over Oman was expected in “a matter of days.” The airline, along with other Israeli ones, had already received approval to fly over Saudi Arabia.

According to Dr. Yoel Gozhanskya senior research fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies, “Iran has greatly increased its pressure and threats on Gulf states not to take any normalization measures vis-à-vis Israel.”

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