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Auschwitz Survivor, 97, Wishes Her Followers A Peaceful Sabbath, Then Gets Hit With Vicious Hate Online.


A 97-year-old woman who survived the Auschwitz death camp and the subsequent death marches, and now uses her TikTok account to educate people about the Holocaust, was viciously attacked online after simply wishing her followers a restful Sabbath.

Lily Ebert stated in the TikTok video, “Wishing you a lovely, peaceful weekend. … Shabbat Shalom.”

She received responses including, “Happy Holocaust,” “Peace be upon Hitler,” and “You still alive?”

Ebert’s great-grandson Dov Forman tweeted, “Over the past few days my great Grandmother and I have continued to receive messages of hate on Tiktok and Twitter. We will not allow this to stop us from educating about the horrors of the past, and what hatred can lead to. Hate only breeds hate.”

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