August – CUFI Español

During the month of August, our CUFI Field Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, together with two of CUFI leaders in San Antonio, Texas, Pastor Daniel Gonzalez and Associate Pastor Daniel DeLeon of Cornerstone Iglesia, conducted four weekly Facebook and Radio programs with La Nuestra 1130AM radio station in San Antonio. These four 27-minute programs, which aired LIVE every Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. CST, combined for at least 4.2K views, in addition to hundreds of more radio listeners throughout the state of Texas. During each program, the audience received a multifaceted program comprised of an invitation for them to: 1) become CUFI and DFZ members, 2) pray for Israel, 3) download all of our free digital resources from our website, and 4) view our weekly program of The Watchman with Erick Stakelbeck in Spanish. The climax of each program was our leaders sharing with them portions of our ebook, “Israel – 70 Years of Miracles.” Needless to say, these four programs in August served to help the Spanish-speaking Hispanic Evangelicals in our nation and Latin America to be educated, motivated, and activated to stand with Israel and combat Anti-Semitism, now more than ever for Zion’s sake.