August 31 – Why Israel?

On Monday, August 31st, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, conducted Part Two of our “Why Israel” virtual event on Zoom with a closed group of ministry leaders. It was hosted by our Rosemead, California Hispanic Outreach City Director, Rev. Elias Flores, Jr., for eleven of his ministry leaders in Rosemead, California and other states in our nation including Colorado, Illinois, and Texas. Our leadership audience on Zoom received Part Two of our “Why Israel” presentation, along with approximately 15 minutes of Q & A and an invitation for them to become CUFI members, register for our 2021 DC Summit, access our free digital resources on our website, and give online to CUFI’s pro-Israel work. The event went so well that our event host and CUFI leader requested another virtual event in three months as a follow up. For Zion’s sake we will not stay silent!