Event Recaps

August 28 – Night To Honor Israel – Cranston, RI

This Night to Honor Israel went really well. There are many different positive aspects to it but there were definitely a few highlights. For starters, pastor was able to get two other pro-Israel RI groups to come help support the event. Pastor has been working for years to create a good relationship with the local RI Jewish community, and this NTHI was finally able to open the doors for him. He was able to get a rabbi to pray at the end of the night over the service and I believe great friendships are likely to have been started this weekend. The local rabbi oversees the oldest synagogue in the United States of America and he is extremely interested in our National Summit (which I invited him to) as well as taking a better look at CUFI and what we stand for. My interpretation of the evening is that the local Jewish community now knows they aren’t alone in RI, and they know that CUFI will not be silent in the face of anti-Semitism. Kasim’s video went over very well and I think CUFI looks its best when we are able to flex the diversity on our “bench”. Can’t wait to see what happens in Rhode Island for the future, it is a bright one.