August 19th Hawthorne, CA Spanish Why Israel

On Monday, August 19th, our National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus conducted a Spanish Why Israel event in Hawthorne, California at M.I.R. Peniel church. This event was co-hosted by our CUFI Hawthorne and Los Angeles Hispanic Outreach City Directors, Pastor Miguel Concuan and Pastor Manuel Morales respectively. We were also blessed to have with us at this event Pastor T.H. Kim who is the President of the Kingdom Life Community Association which has approximately 400 churches in its ministry network throughout the nation. After receiving the CUFI presentation provided by Rev. De Jesus, it was great to see many of the pastors, leaders, and congregants become CUFI members, join our Daughters For Zion Prayer Network, and give a special offering towards our CUFI On Campus efforts. It was also great to hear from Pastor Kim that he will attend next month’s Greater Los Angeles Bilingual Night To Honor Israel set for Thursday, September 26th in Compton, California. We believe this event in Hawthorne contributed greatly to the increasing momentum for the aforementioned Night To Honor Israel.