Event Recaps

April 9 Providence, RI Spanish Pastor’s Dinner

Our Providence, Rhode Island Hispanic Outreach City Director, Pastor Israel Mercedes, hosted his second Spanish Pastors & Leaders Dinner Briefing on Monday, April 9th. This was an especially significant event since Pastor Mercedes has been battling cancer since the week he hosted his first Spanish Pastors Dinner Briefing in August of last year. His faith, resilience, and support of Israel has been and continues to be exemplary! We continue to pray and believe with him for his complete healing. At this particular event, over 40 Pastors and Leaders from several churches and two different ministry networks in the state of Rhode Island attended. Those in attendance were very receptive and responsive to the CUFI vision, mission, and pro-Israel biblical mandate presented by our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus. Many of them became members of CUFI and gave offerings toward our national CUFI On Campus work. Additionally, upon the completion of this event, one of the Pastors in attendance scheduled a Standing With Israel event for next month. Considering such, it is so great to see the increasing momentum our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach is having in this city and region!