Event Recaps

April 9 – Pastors’ Meeting – San Antonio, TX

I was invited to do a Why Israel presentation by the ZOMI BAPTIST CHURCHES OF AMERICA.  They have 1,500 Burmese American churches in different states in America. I was invited by the Vice-Chairman of the organization who had attended my Why Israel presentation in Bowling Green, Kentucky last November. Many of the pastors at the meeting said that their churches have been praying for Israel for years. They thought that praying for Israel was all they could do to support Israel.  The Why Israel presentation really helps educate minority groups like this so they can understand the issues affecting Israel and the Jewish people here in America and other parts of the world, making them strong allies for Israel. 2 pastors from Oklahoma came to me and told me that they have been supporting Israel for years by collecting  special offering from their churches and sending them to an organization called CUFI.  They were pleasantly surprised to find out that I am with CUFI. Majority of the pastors who attended the event have not heard of CUFI. The presentation gave them a broader perspective of how to be advocates for Israel and the Jewish people.