April 5 West Yarmouth, MA Spanish Stand With Israel

On Thursday, April 5th, our National Hispanic Outreach held a Spanish Standing With Israel event in West Yarmouth, Massachusetts for the first time. This event was coordinated by our Saginaw, Texas Hispanic Outreach City Director Bishop Wilfredo Santos who provides pastoral oversight to Pastors Luis Pinto and Yolanda Gonzalez of Centro de Fe Destinados para Grandeza Cape Cod in West Yarmouth. As the host pastors of this event, they and their precious congregation warmly received the CUFI vision, mission, and pro-Israel biblical mandate shared by our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus. The result of this epic event included new CUFI members, new Daughters For Zion Prayer Network Prayers, and offerings given to our CUFI On Campus national efforts. It was a special event for a special first-time occasion!