April 17 – Garland, TX – Why Israel Bilingual

On Wednesday, April 17th, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator Rev. Peter De Jesus and his wife Rev. Mildred De Jesus, who is our Daughters For Zion National Hispanic Outreach Director, conducted a bilingual Why Israel event in Garland, Texas. This event was hosted by our Dallas Hispanic Outreach City Directors Pastors Mauricio and Mary Elizondo of Casa De Mi Gloria, who are alumni of last year’s Hispanic Pastors’ Israel Tour and this year’s Women’s Israel Tour. At least 400 of Casa De Mi Gloria’s congregants from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area attended this event. Additionally, since this service was transmitted LIVE on the Facebook page of CDMG USA, at least 1,000 viewers tuned in, 59 of them reacted favorably, and 23 of them shared it on their personal Facebook pages. As a result, many of the congregants became CUFI members, gave offerings to our CUFI On Campus efforts; and now Pastors Elizondo and some of their leaders are planning on attending our DC Summit in July. Thus, this was a glorious event that we believe will carry an impact for months and years to come!