Antisemitic flyers in Beverly Hills blame Jews for Covid

Jewish residents in the Californian city of Beverly Hills were subject to hate crimes when they found throughout the city anti-Semitic pamphlets linking their community to the Covid pandemic.

“Earlier this week, and then a few weeks ago on the first night of Hanukkah, hundreds of anti-Semitic leaflets were distributed around neighborhoods in Beverly Hills… making the absurd claim that Jews are responsible for the spread of Covid,” Mayor of Beverly Hills Robert Wunderlich told i24NEWS.

Following the first incident, a hate crime investigation was opened, but similar flyers were found around the city again last week.

“We take these matters very seriously and we will not allow our residents to be threatened or intimidated by any narrative promoting hate toward anyone,” Lt. Giovanni Trejo of the Beverly Hills Police Department said in a statement.

Beverly Hills is a center of Jewish life in Los Angeles, with a community in the thousands as well as prominent synagogues and kosher restaurants.

However, the region in which it resides has been subject to multiple similar instances, including violent attacks on Jewish residents in May as well as the fatal shooting of congregants at the Poway Synagogue in 2019.

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