Antisemitic flyers distributed to Greensboro Jewish community, North Carolina

Antisemitic flyers were distributed to members of the Greensboro Jewish community in North Carolina on Sunday morning.
The flyers featured conspiracies about blaming the Jewish community for COVID-19 and the nation’s efforts to combat its spread, reported by local North Carolina news station Channel 2.
The flyers were sent to both Jewish and non-Jewish households along with their newspapers.
Local Fox affiliate Channel 8 received photos of the flyers but did not share the whole flyer to prevent the continued spreading of these antisemitic claims. The picture does show the flyer is titled “every single aspect of the Covid agenda is Jewish” and is placed between a Star of David and a pentagram.
The religious leaders of the Greensboro Jewish Federation, Temple Emanuel, and the Beth David Synagogue released a statement saying the flyers seek to “spread antisemitic, blatantly false, and evil conspiracies about the Covid-19 virus and our nation’s efforts to combat its spread”, the Algemeiner Journal reported.
North Carolina Congresswoman Kathy Manning has responded to the situation: “I am appalled by the antisemitic flyers that were distributed across Greensboro this morning in driveways and on porches, causing great distress to many people who reached out to me with concerns.
“These flyers spread hatred and false information about the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m urging local law enforcement to do everything they can to bring the culprits to justice.”
The Greensboro Jewish Federation reported that “there is no evidence of any information linking the distribution of this piece with the circulation of any newspaper.”