Amnesty International Employee Denounced For Getting Gaza Peace Activists Arrested by Hamas For Virtual Meeting With Israelis

An employee of Amnesty International has been denounced for getting a Gaza peace activist arrested by Hamas authorities for holding a virtual meeting with Israeli counterparts.

Journalist Rami Aman of the Gaza Youth Committee held the conference with the Israelis via the Zoom app, which has become popular as a means of maintaining social ties during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Facebook page for the meeting called it “an opportunity to speak with Gazans who not only do not hate us but are working tirelessly to open channel of communication between Gazans and Israelis.”

Hind Khoudary, who at the time of the incident identified herself on social media as an international research consultant for Amnesty, denounced Aman in a Facebook post – now inaccessible – and tagged three Hamas officials. Aman was arrested on Thursday and has not been heard from since.

In response, Human Rights Watch official Peter Bouckaert, who is himself often hostile to Israel, told Khoudary, “You should be ashamed of yourself.”

“It is disgusting that a so-called ‘journalist’ got an activist for dialogue arrested by Hamas,” he later said. “Conflicts are resolved through dialogue and understanding, not hatred.”

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