The alternative to the Iran Deal is not War

Supporters of the President’s Iran deal argue that there are only two options: the deal or war. In reality, the inverse of their argument is true.  This deal could lead to war by providing the world’s principal sponsor of terror with $150 billion in cash and paving the Islamic Republic’s path to a nuclear bomb.

In order to get an acceptable deal we need to block this dangerous deal. With each passing day, new details emerge making clear just how bad of a deal Secretary Kerry and his team struck.  Just today the AP reported that the UN actually agreed to allow Iran to use its own inspectors to investigate Parchin, a site that Iran has likely been using to develop nuclear weapons. It is no exaggeration to say that any deal which trusts Iran to inspect itself is not a good deal, and not progress, but a pathetic surrender.

Over the last month CUFI has been laser-focused on ensuring that Congress votes against the deal.  We brought over 5,000 CUFI members to Capitol Hill to tell their elected officials to oppose the deal.  Over 350,000 CUFI members have emailed and thousands more called Congress asking them to vote against this disastrous agreement.

These efforts have borne fruit: the majority of both houses of Congress are now against this deal, including Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Congressman Donald Norcross (D-NJ), but there’s more work to be done. A majority isn’t enough. In order to overcome a Presidential veto thwarting the will of the people and sustaining the Iran nuclear deal, we need two-thirds of the House and Senate to vote against this deal. That means we need you to email and call your elected officials and let them know exactly where you stand.