Israeli Technology

A Robot to Replace Staff Treating Coronavirus Designed by Israeli Experts

A robot has been designed by Israeli engineering and health experts to replace some of the tasks of medical staff treating coronavirus patients, in order to help reduce their risk of infection. Dubbed COROBOT, the platform will initially be used in Rambam Health Care Campus’s new Coronavirus Department.

“If the robot will successfully pass its installation at Rambam, in a relatively short amount of time we will be able to build more robots for Rambam and for similar departments in other Israeli hospitals,” said Prof. Alon Wolf, academic head of the FIRST Robotics program in Israel. “Then additional FIRST Robotics groups all over Israel will join the effort,” he added.

Medical professionals all over the world are in situations where they’re overworked, or lack access to enough equipment such as protective masks, leading them to overexposure and likely contracting the coronavirus. Whenever a medical worker is diagnosed with the coronavirus, the entire team must self-isolate for extended periods of time, making the situation harder on the whole system.

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