Event Recaps

March 20 – Why Israel? – Milwaukee, WI

My host Pastor Candie Herr and her husband Pastor Eric are strong leaders in their city, and their church has been involved with several outreaches in the city to help improve the lives of people mainly the Hmong American refugees, who are immigrants from Thailand. They have worked with community and government leaders on different projects. They believe the reason why God has blessed their church is because, as pastors they have been praying for Israel for many years. Pastor Candie and I previously met at the CUFI Pastors Meeting that I did in Bradenton, FL. When she was there at the Why Israel presentation, she felt the need to do more for Israel. She then invited me to WI to present the mission of CUFI to their network of pastors and leaders in their city.  After the Why Israel presentation at their church, they were convinced to be more proactive in fighting anti-Semitism and support CUFI. They asked me to help them become more effective advocates for Israel and the Jewish people.  They also want to partner with CUFI initiatives in their State.