Dec 7th Pasco, WA Spanish Why Israel Event

On Friday, December 7, 2018, our CUFI National Hispanic Outreach Coordinator, Rev. Peter De Jesus, conducted a first-time Spanish-speaking Why Israel event in Pasco, Washington. This epic event was held at Templo Betania and was hosted by Pastor Ovidio De La Fuente, who was referred to CUFI by our new Hispanic Outreach City Director in Moses Lake, Washington, Pastor Mike Alvarado, who went to Israel with CUFI earlier this year. At least 115 congregants including the Assemblies of God Northwest Hispanic District Superintendent, Rev. Hilario Garza, attended this historic event. As a result of, many of them became CUFI members and also gave offerings to the work of our CUFI On Campus efforts. Additionally, Superintendent Garza shared his desire to host a CUFI event at their next District Council where Pastors and Leaders representing their 55 churches will attend. And as if that was not enough, after communicating with Host Pastor Ovidio De La Fuente about our National Hispanic Outreach Team, he accepted our invitation for him to become our new Pasco Hispanic Outreach City Director. Thus, this first-time event was very impactful! We look forward to seeing how our CUFI Hispanic Outreach will continue to grow in the city of Pasco, the state of Washington, and the Northwest Region of the U.S.