Talking Points

2,000,000 Members Strong

We were pleased to announce that CUFI has reached an important milestone. Today we have surpassed the two million member mark.  We could not have reached this point without your support.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our CUFI team.

We are proud of our growing numbers.  We are also proud of our prolific activism.  Thus far, CUFI has held 2,162 pro-Israel events in cities and towns across the country.  That number will rise again before today is done.  Next week, 150 of our top student leaders from around the country will arrive in Texas for our annual winter training.  They will join the over 2,600 student leaders we have trained to make the case for Israel on their campuses.  We have taken hundreds of pastors and young Christian leaders to Israel so that they can make a lifelong connection to the land.  And we have raised our voice and our profile in Washington with e-mail blasts, telephone campaigns, and our annual Washington, DC summit.  We have no intention of slowing down.

Our joy at meeting this milestone is diminished by the news of the tragic murders of 12 journalists in Paris yesterday.  Let’s be clear — these men were killed by Muslim terrorists because they had dared to exercise rights we cherish: freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.  And let’s also be clear — today the victims are Jews and journalists.  But it won’t stop with them.  It never does.

Israel is not the cause of Islamic terror.  Israel is our first line of defense against Islamic terror.  When we stand with Israel, we stand with all who suffer at the hands of these forces of hate.  When we stand with Israel, we strengthen all we hold dear.