April 10 – Deerfield, NJ – Why Israel

I spoke at a CUFI Why Israel Event on the evening of April 10 at the historic Deerfield Presbyterian Church founded in the early 1800’s. I first met Senior pastor, Reverend Dr. Ken Larter a number of years ago when he got up at 4:00am in the morning to attend a CUFI Breakfast at the insistence of his Youth Pastor. When I found out he pastored a PCUSA church, I immediately invited him to go to Israel with us and he was swept into the world and work of CUFI. He returned from Israel a flame throwing Zionist and wanting to “strike a blow for Zion,” Dr. Larter has just completed the arduous 3-year “Gracious Dismissal” process of removing the church from the anti-ISRAEL PCUSA denomination! As of last week they are now proud members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, EPC and he is already finding leaders within the denomination that share his passion for the people and land of Israel.

Our evening event was well attended by members of various local churches as well as a group from the Jewish community. “Helen” was the spokesperson for them and she wept throughout most of the evening. I went to meet her afterwards and she attempted to explain how the hour with us had been such an unthinkable moment in her long and amazing life. She then told me her story, which included being a Holocaust survivor, as she was 8-months old and born in a camp.

There are no words to express the wonder of being a part of this holy moment in time together with all of the members of CUFI.