The Story of Purim

The Story of Purim

The evil darkness of antisemitism existed long before the present evil regime in Tehran has sponsored terror against Israel or Palestinian radical groups have shot rockets into Israel. Even prior to the evil and murderous regime under Hitler, evil individuals and empires sought to destroy God’s Chosen People.

After Israel had been exiled from their land and many Jews were taken to Persia, a Jewess was chosen to become Queen (see Esther 2:17). However, a man named Haman—the right hand to the King, Xerxes— disdained Mordechai, Esther’s cousin, because Mordechai, a Jew, refused to bow to him out of fear and reverence for the Lord—the God of Israel. In rage and retaliation, Haman convinced the king to order the extermination of all the Jews in Persia.

You may know how the story ended: Esther realized she could save the Jews from death and that perhaps she was made queen “for such a time as this.” The king, though unable to reverse his initial decree, decreed that Jews would be given the right to defend themselves from the upcoming attack.

Tonight, Jews around the world will celebrate these divinely orchestrated events in the holiday Purim. Each year, Jews gather together and prepare pastries, give each other gifts, and give liberally to the poor. As the story of Esther is read in synagogues, though God is not mentioned within the book, it’s clear that He was acting through human means to preserve and protect His people.


At CUFI, we believe our movement has been divinely orchestrated “for such a time as this.” Click here to learn how you can be more involved in standing with Israel and the Jewish people.

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