The Safest Place for Christians in the Middle East

The Safest Place for Christians in the Middle East

It is commonly understood that Christians living in Lebanon consider themselves second-class citizens and live in fear of persecution. With Hezbollah–which called for the establishment of sharia law in Lebanon in its original 1985 manifesto–expanding its influence in Lebanon, having infiltrated Lebanon’s parliament, military, and social sectors, the inevitable result will be the persecution of Christians if the terrorist army is not stopped.

Although some have attempted to downplay the threat of Hezbollah to Christians’ safety in Lebanon, there is no doubt that Christians are being persecuted by extremist groups in the country, including Hezbollah. The more powerful and influential Hezbollah becomes in Lebanon, the less safe Lebanese Christians are.

But in stark contrast to Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, Israel is fully committed to equality under the law for all citizens, regardless of religion, race or nationality. Israel is the only state in the Middle East where Christians and their holy sites are protected.


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