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CUFI Welcomes Unilever’s Rejection of BDS

On Wednesday, the leadership of Christians United for Israel (CUFI), the nation’s largest pro-Israel organization, released the following statement reacting to Unilever’s rejection of the BDS movement and sale of its Ben & Jerry’s Israeli interests.

“Nearly one year ago, news of the proposed Ben & Jerry’s boycott of Judea and Samaria broke, and we announced from the stage at our 2021 CUFI Summit that we would fight this discrimination until the decision was reversed. Today, that battle has been won. We welcome Unilever’s decision ensuring Ben & Jerry’s will continue to be sold to all people in the Holy Land regardless of where they live or from whom they descend. BDS is economic antisemitism and it will fail every time,” said CUFI founder and Chairman Pastor John Hagee.

“Let this be a lesson to boardrooms across the country and around the world: when Israel’s enemies show up at your doorstep, either send them away quietly or you will eventually repudiate them publicly. There are no other alternatives. From Airbnb to Unilever, there is no company too big and no brand too strong to get away with capitulating to antisemitism,” said CUFI Action Fund Chairwoman Sandra Parker.

“We are very grateful to the numerous activists, elected officials and allied organizations who worked side-by-side to ensure Unilever made the right decision. In particular we would like to express our gratitude to Texas Comptroller Glenn Hager for his early and unequivocal condemnation of the initial Ben & Jerry’s decision, as well as to our friends at The Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law for their extensive work on this matter,” Hagee added.

With more than 10 million members, Christians United for Israel is the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States and one of the leading Christian grassroots movements in the world. CUFI spans all fifty states and reaches millions with its educational message.

The CUFI Action Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)(4), nonpartisan organization, is related to the nation’s largest pro-Israel organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI). The Action Fund is dedicated to ensuring our elected officials hear the perspective of the millions of Christian Zionists across the country.