Your support of CUFI is inspiring many young activists 

Today’s young people are tomorrow’s leaders, and it is essential that they become leaders for good.

This month, with your gift of any amount, we will send you a tzedakah box, custom-made for CUFI.

A tzedakah box is a teaching tool used in Jewish homes to encourage young people to give generously of their time, their efforts, and of their resources by collecting spare change and once the box is full, giving its contents to someone in need or to a righteous cause.

As we demonstrate our love for Israel and the Jewish people in word and deed, we inspire the next generation to follow our faithful example. The tzedakah box is a reminder of our responsibility to lead young people to the truths found in the Word of God so they can understand why support for Israel is such a vital part of our faith. 

It is our hope and prayer that CUFI’s beautiful tzedakah box will inspire you to give above and beyond to bless God’s Chosen People through Christians United for Israel. Moreover, we trust that this special gift will be a unique teaching tool to influence the next generation of young Christians to become effective advocates for Israel and the Jewish people.


I urge you to give your best gift this month to help CUFI continue to bless and defend Israel and the Jewish people by empowering a new generation of fearless supporters of God’s People, Israel.