October 7th Massacre: a Two Month Overview

Two months have passed since the world learned about the atrocities and kidnappings committed by Hamas terrorists against innocent Israelis. CUFI continues to pray alongside Israelis for the safe return of those still held captive in Gaza and supports the nation’s commitment to see Hamas forever destroyed.

October 7th Massacre

During the early morning hours of October 7, Hamas terrorists attacked Israel, massacring 240 young adults at a peace festival in the south and attacking towns and kibbutzim near the border. By the evening of that bloody Sabbath, more than 1,200 people, including more than 30 Americans, had been slaughtered. Men, women and children were brutalized, raped, tortured, burned, shot, and murdered. And over 230 innocent people, young and old, were kidnapped with most still held captive. The enemy may have been pushed back, but they are not yet vanquished.

Operation Swords of Iron

Israelis managed to vanquish the terrorists inside Israeli communities in the south, and on October 8, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas, commencing Operation Swords of Iron. In the subsequent hours, an unprecedented 360,000 Israeli reservists were called up, with more than 100,000 troops, amassed around Gaza. This was the most rapid mobilization in Israel’s history.

Weeks later, Israel began the second phase of its operation to root out the Iran-backed Hamas terrorists once and for all, surrounding Gaza City, killing key Hamas leaders, and conquering numerous Hamas strongholds in the city.


Rising Global Antisemitism

Immediately following news of the savage attack, crowds of pro-Hamas supporters celebrated worldwide, cheering Hamas’s atrocities enacted against the Jewish people. Over ensuing months, antisemitic threats and attacks have spiked across the globe, including in the United States.


International Media’s Response

International media bias against Israel intensified following the attack as media sources questioned the validity of Israel’s claims about the attacks despite video

footage taken and shared by Hamas terrorists who proudly filmed their murderous rampage, killing civilians, desecrating corpses, decapitating babies, and parading girls bleeding from sexual assault among cheering crowds in Gaza.


March with Israel Rally

In response to rampant antisemitism, the largest pro-Israel gathering in American history took place in Washington, DC with nearly 300,000 Zionists in attendance standing together in unwavering support of Israel and the Jewish people everywhere. Notable speakers included Pastor John Hagee, Israeli President Isaac Herzog via video from Jerusalem, family members of several hostages, and Democrat and Republican congressmen and senators.


On November 24th, a four-day temporary cease-fire was agreed to between Israel and Hamas, via Egyptian and Qatari intermediaries. Broadly speaking, the cease-fire would see 50 Israeli hostages released by Hamas – all of them women and children, in exchange for 150 Palestinians arrested for terrorism related charges. In addition, Israel allowed certain goods, including fuel, to enter the southern Gaza Strip.

Despite near daily efforts by Hamas to change the deal after the deal was signed, by the end of the initial cease-fire, all 50 Israeli hostages, as well as the foreign nationals, had been released by Hamas. In addition, Hamas and Israel agreed to an extension to the cease-fire which ended on November 30, which saw another 20 Israeli hostages released. By the end of the extended cease-fire, which Hamas violated by attacking IDF troops, a total of 110 people were released from Hamas captivity, comprising 75 Israelis and 24 foreigners.  The cease-fire ended after Hamas yet again violated its terms and fired rockets at Israel.

Looking Ahead

We share in the joy of those families who’ve had their loved ones returned to them, and weep with agony for those whose loved ones remain captive or were killed due to Hamas’s barbarity. We do not know exactly how this war ends, but we know, without question, that Israel will prevail.


Your Impact

One hundred percent of your dollars go directly to helping Israelis on the front lines of the war.

More than $3 million and counting has supported the following in Israel:

Helped the communities that were destroyed, to aid hospitals caring for the wounded, to feed IDF soldiers, to assist the Lone Soldier, to clothe and feed the over 250,000 Israeli citizens that have been displaced from their homes, to help provide ambulance supplies, to assist in bringing doctors and first responders who are volunteering their time by replacing those who are fighting the war in Gaza and so much more!