Ukraine is home to one of the world’s largest Jewish communities in Europe. Over one million Ukrainian Jews were killed during the Holocaust. It’s heartbreaking to witness European Jews fleeing for their lives…AGAIN! Most Christians were silent during Hitler’s attack on the Jews, other than a few righteous gentiles. We must not remain silent again. Never Again must be more than a slogan—we must act now to protect our Jewish brethren.

At this moment, over 8,000 Jewish people want to leave Ukraine for Israel.


Please give your best gift to ensure every Ukrainian Jew who is at risk can flee to safety in Israel.

We don’t know when the borders will close. It’s critical that we band together in support of the Jewish community. Please put your faith to action and give your best gift now. One hundred percent of funds raised will go directly to saving Ukrainian Jews.

Other Ways to Give:

  Mail your gift to: P.O. Box 1307, San Antonio, Texas 78295

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