Weekly Reflection – God is There

Weekly Reflection – God is There

“But He knows the way I take; When He has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

— Job 23:10

While Job cannot find God during his unfathomable trials, he is certain that God can find him. Job is also confident that his trust in the Lord will enable him to pass the tests he is enduring. Job teaches us that no matter our path, God is there—even though we may not always recognize His presence. Our lives and the lives of those throughout the Bible testify that adversity is unavoidable. Time and time again Scripture confirms this truth, through Abraham’s test on Mount Moriah, Joseph’s time in prison, Moses’s time in the wilderness, Daniel’s trial in the lions’ den, the flogging of Peter and John, Paul’s persecution, and Jesus Himself through His temptation, suffering, and execution.

But rest assured that even though the trials are great, our God is greater.

In this, Israel’s greatest trial in her modern history, God’s Chosen People are not alone—far from it! The Lord is with them—and so are millions of Christians across America. Are you among them? How can you show your solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people this week?