Threats to Israel: Iran

Threats to Israel: Iran

Iran’s obsession with destroying Israel began in 1979 after the violent Islamic Revolution empowered radical fundamentalists committed to dominating the Middle East. Iran’s hatred of Israel and America has been the foundation of its foreign policy ever since.

With Iran’s patronage of Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza on Israel’s southwest border, its support for Hezbollah in Lebanon along Israel’s northern border, and its military entrenchment in Syria on Israel’s northeast border, a regime that repeatedly calls for the destruction of Israel and spreads terror globally looms on three of Israel’s borders.

The U.S. State Department recognizes Iran as the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. In the Middle East, Europe, Latin America, and even on U.S. soil, Iran’s fingerprints of terror can easily be traced. From hostage taking and kidnapping, to assassination attempts and bombings, Iran is a force for evil in the world and must be confronted with strength.


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