In 2006, my wife Diana and I formed Christians United for Israel as a grassroots movement that would unify Bible-believing Christians in support of the Jewish state. Since then, we have grown from 400 pastors and ministry leaders to an engaged Christian pro-Israel community that is over 10 million members strong. Our size, effectiveness, and diversity across generational, racial, cultural, and denominational lines have positioned us as the leading voice for this time in history. At critical times, through their actions and unconditional support, CUFI’s members have contributed to the betterment of Israel’s security and the increased safety of the Jewish people in America and abroad.

In the last 16 years, CUFI has cultivated a national network of dedicated activists in all 50 states with the tools and resources to anticipate and respond rapidly and effectively to the various challenges facing Israel. CUFI plays an indispensable role in protecting and defending Israel from attacks in the media, on high school and college campuses, in churches and communities across America and in our nation’s capital. Our members make a difference for Zion’s sake, because they believe and obey God’s Genesis 12:3 mandate. The sacrifices of those in our grassroots movement are playing a key role in our local and national efforts. Together, we are changing history because, “For Zion’s sake, we will not rest or be silent.”