As Christians, it is our biblical and moral responsibility—as well as our great privilege—to stand with Israel and support the Jewish people. To do so most effectively, we must be informed. Here are some of our latest videos to help you delve deeper into issues pertinent to Israel. Learn more about how CUFI reaches people with the truth about Israel and the Jewish people.

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CUFI Weekly

Featuring Kasim Hafeez, this news and issue analysis online show is dedicated to keeping Christian Zionists informed about important issues and events in the Middle East in short segments.

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These micro-educational videos provide in-depth information in less than three minutes each. Learn about Israel’s modern history, from its rebirth to the trials the Jewish state has faced in its fight to survive and thrive.

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Israel Collective

Experience the Israel Collective’s award-winning short films and videos that showcase the true spirit of the Israeli people. These beautifully cinematic, emotionally gripping stories will educate you and capture your heart.

CUFI Devotionals

Join CUFI Founder and Chairman Pastor John Hagee as he shares God’s word and breaks down the vital importance of many pivotal parts of Scripture. This word of Biblical encouragement will lift your perspective and lift your spirit.

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