The Irving Roth Fellowship

Because you are concerned about the dramatic rise in antisemitism and are committed to defending Israel and the Jewish people, I am reaching out to you with an exciting and empowering opportunity:

CUFI is introducing the Irving Roth Fellowship.

The Irving Roth Fellowship is an immersive journey into the story of Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth.

This journey unfolds over the course of six “lessons” or packets mailed to you once a month for six months.

Each packet is filled with different physical items such as reproduced historical documents, war reports, personal photos, private correspondence, and much more.

You’ll use these items to witness Irving’s life. Each immersive packet will introduce you to fascinating characters, challenge and inspire you, and through them you will weave together a story of survival that you will never forget.

Each packet will contain a “password” that will give you online access to the backstory of each item you receive.

The fellowship will follow Irving’s book, Bondi’s Brother, and the online aid will serve as a guide to Read, Watch, Reflect, and Act. 



Want more?

As an Irving Roth Fellow you will also receive:

  • Access to a supportive and diverse Facebook community to discuss your journey
  • Exclusive invitations to virtual presentations provided monthly
  • A seat on the train from the CUFI DC Summit in the summer of 2022 to a special meetup and private tour of Irving’s Holocaust Resource Center in New York.


Fellowship Schedule:

The journey begins July 2021 with a special virtual presentation.

After registering below, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps. We are excited to offer you this life changing journey!

Register by: Thursday, July 1st

Please do not forward this registration form as “seats” are limited at this time. There will be future opportunities to join. If you have a recommendation, please connect with your field coordinator!