Western Wall Prayer Request


The Western Wall is the holiest of Jewish sites, drawing millions of worshippers from around the world of diverse faiths each year. Believers touch the Wall or lean their foreheads against it as they pray and seek the God of Israel. Many carry written prayers on small slips of paper to tuck into the crevices of the Wall’s ancient stones, either for themselves or on behalf of loved ones.

A visit to the land of Israel, upon which the eyes of the Lord our God always rest, is truly a life-altering experience. There is no better encouragement to continue defending Israel for those who already stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Jewish people—and there is no greater educational tool that can match a personal encounter in the Promised Land to transform an indifferent individual into an advocate for the Jewish state.

For the past few years, because of the pandemic restrictions, millions around the world over have been unable to experience the Holy Land. Many have not been able to retrace our Savior’s path, enjoy the unique sights, smells, and sounds of Jerusalem, or pray at the Western Wall.

We want to offer you the honor of having your prayer placed in the Western Wall. This hallowed tradition coupled with our faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob creates a true connection to the Holy City of Jerusalem.




By having your prayer placed in the Western Wall, even if you cannot physically be in the land, you express your faith that the Lord will hear your cry and answer your prayer. His Word declares that His presence is in Jerusalem and that He dwells with His People now and forevermore.