At CUFI, we believe that once you know the why and the how—once you are both educated and motivated—then you can take action to do all you can to effectively support God’s Chosen People.

Because knowledge is a fundamental aspect of our mission, we are grateful to have the ability to offer a plethora of cutting-edge resources to our members.

  • The CUFI Daily Briefing—our daily news roundup created exclusively for CUFI members. You’ll receive an email every morning, Monday through Friday, with five of the top Israel-related headlines.
  • The CUFI Weekly with Kasim Hafeez on YouTube—a fresh news and analysis segment providing an in-depth understanding of Israel in the news in real time.
  • CUFI’s social media channels—keep up with major headlines, links to read more about current events, encouraging Scripture verses, and important Israel facts.

Pastor Hagee’s father had a saying: “A lie can travel around the world before truth can get out of bed and put its shoes on.” As Israel’s enemies grow ever craftier in propagating their falsehoods, we must daily and often hourly flood our churches, communities, and college campuses with the truth—and that requires significant labor, strategy, steadfastness, and resources.

Please prayerfully consider giving to CUFI this month to help us continue to fulfill our mission of educating, motivating, and activating Americans to speak out with one voice in defense of Israel and the Jewish people. As antisemitic propaganda and anti-Israel rhetoric spread on all media platforms, CUFI must be the voice of truth amid lies.

With the generosity of our valued partners, we can accomplish the vital task of educating, motivating, and activating our members at this critical time in Israel’s history.