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Become a CUFI Congressional Liaison.

A few years ago, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) brought our late and dear friend, Holocaust survivor Irving Roth, to several elementary, junior high, and high schools in the northwest to share his story of loss, betrayal, and survival.

As Mr. Roth concluded, he opened the floor for questions. A teenager asked bluntly, “How can I believe you? I’ve never heard any of this before.”

More recently, a celebrity with an Ivy League education and significant influence was visiting Israel and innocently asked an equally frightening question: “What is Auschwitz?”

Irving Roth, Elie Wiesel, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Pastor John Hagee, and their ilk have all long insisted that the only way to prevent antisemitism from finding fertile ground in which to grow and spread is through education.

When CUFI Congressional Liaisons supported the Never Again Education Act, legislation that provides critical resources for Holocaust education, it passed by unanimous consent and was signed into law.

In 2021 and 2022, with fervent prayer and practical action, CUFI Congressional Liaisons were likewise a driving force in a hard-fought victory to advance enhanced Holocaust education standards at the state level in Louisiana, ensuring departments of education will train and equip teachers and provide resources for Holocaust education. The lessons learned from that success are now helping us bring similar initiatives to several states across the country.

CUFI Congressional Liaisons have also been the driving force behind the passage of state-level anti-BDS legislation, the Executive Order on Combating Anti-Semitism (#13899), and the Taylor Force Act (S. 1697), as well as exposing the need to reform UNWRA and supporting continued military aid to Israel.

These victories exemplify the profound and tangible impact you can make as a CUFI Congressional Liaison. For years, CUFI’s flagship Washington, D.C. Summit, coupled with the effectiveness of our Rapid Response Action Alerts, have played a critical role in advancing vitally important legislation in support of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

CUFI Congressional Liaisons bring that same impact home to the grassroots level in our states and congressional districts. CUFI Congressional Liaisons are our most committed members, refusing to be bystanders as antisemitism spills from our universities into other institutions, social media, Capitol Hill, and beyond.

As a Congressional Liaison, you will be a voice of support for Israel at a critical time. We are looking for individuals who can build strong relationships with their elected officials in support of Israel. Your steadfast support of Israel and the Jewish people, along with your appreciation of CUFI’s mission, makes you a great candidate to be a part of this historic team of interveners as a CUFI Congressional Liaison in your state and district.

While CUFI grows in size and influence, we rely more than ever on our Congressional Liaisons to be the face and voice of CUFI and to represent the organization faithfully to their elected officials and their staffs.

It should come as no surprise that CUFI is constantly under the microscope. It is imperative that our Congressional Liaisons maintain certain standards in their actions and public statements (including social media) as well as adhere to certain guidelines to ensure CUFI’s continued growth as the most influential pro-Israel organization in the nation.

This means that a background check will be performed on all individuals seeking to represent CUFI as a Congressional Liaison. Information on a release to conduct a background check is described in the registration form below and will be sent to you and kept confidential by CUFI’s Human Resources Director.

Your commitment will require minimal time yet can make a significant impact in ensuring our message is heard by our elected officials.

CUFI will provide several tools to keep you thoroughly prepared and equipped:

  • High-level briefing calls to keep you up to date on critical events in Israel and the Middle East, pending legislation, current talking points, and positions CUFI will take on key issues
  • Closed briefing sessions at CUFI’s D.C. Summit and Leadership Summit
  • In-depth regional advocacy workshops

We are identifying several liaisons in each congressional district to ensure we will always have a reliable cadre whenever we’re called to stand up and speak up for Israel. When multiple liaisons meet with their elected official together, we will defer to those liaisons with existing relationships or experience with their official to lead the meeting.

Respectfully, before completing and submitting the form below, please review the following points and protocols and confirm that you are fully comfortable with our approach.

ONE ISSUE. ONE FOCUS. CUFI is a single issue, non-conversionary, nonpartisan organization: mobilizing Christian support for the Jewish state and Jewish people based on what we believe is a biblical mandate to do so. We support Israel through prayer, as well as through educational and solidarity events. We strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship and ensure continued American support for the Jewish state by educating elected officials and building a bulwark against antisemitism in our churches, schools, and beyond.

Individuals representing CUFI as a Congressional Liaison at meetings or events held in CUFI’s name must agree to adhere to the talking points that CUFI provides. All other social and/or political issues that are important to you based on your Christian faith and beliefs are important enough to merit a separate meeting conducted under the auspices of you as a private citizen or your affiliation with another organization.

Thank you again for your interest in CUFI’s Congressional Liaison Initiative. Please register and a CUFI representative will contact you.

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