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Partnering with CUFI is saying YES to being on mission with God. Almighty God, who protects Israel, has appointed Bible-believing Christians to be watchmen on the walls for Jerusalem. It is our duty and privilege to defend and bless Israel and the Jewish people for such a time as this. As a CUFI partner, you will be putting Romans 15:27 into action: the Jews have blessed us spiritually, and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob calls us to bless them materially through generous giving. You just have to say yes.


With the help of our CUFI Partners, we have been laser focused on educating, motivating, and activating our members to ensure Israel remains secure and her people stay safe. 



CUFI’s The Israel Course small groups meets throughout America, studying in-depth lessons which incorporate historical and biblical support for Israel. This comprehensive study is helping equip pastors, millennial influencers, lay leaders, and CUFI on Campus students with the tools needed to combat anti-Israel lies wherever they exist.

The Israel Collective’s podcast communicates a pro-Israel message that resonates with the millennial generation. The cutting-edge outreach has featured numerous young influencers, including author and NBA coach David Nurse, Dean of the Regent School of Divinity Corné Bekker, and author and professor Mary Jo Sharp.

CUFI Weekly, our news and analysis segment, featuring host Kasim Hafeez, premiered in 2021 on YouTube. This critical information program has reached over 19k viewers and continues to keep people informed on all things Israel in short segments.

CUFI’s microcast, The CUFI Minute, is another way to enjoy the CUFI Weekly. In under 10 minutes a week, people can learn about the history behind many threats facing Israel, the significance of important holidays and anniversaries throughout the year, and what’s happening in Israel and the broader Middle East.




In 2021 Pastor Hagee and other CUFI leadership traveled to the United Arab Emirates and met with the UAE’s Foreign Minister to thank him for signing the Abraham Accords and bravely standing with Israel during the Jewish state’s May 2021 conflict with Hamas.

As always, CUFI is focused on fulfilling God’s biblical mandate to love, bless, and comfort the Jewish people. To help bring you added encouragement with the Word of God, receive a weekly devotional to inspire you in your daily walk with the Lord and help make the seven days of  your week joyful and victorious no matter the situation.

Despite the fact that the pandemic prevented the Israel Collective from traveling to Israel for nearly two years, the IC released new films at its highest rate yet in 2021. Our IC’s film production team continues to showcase its most influential Israel-trip alumni and released hard-hitting videos that debunk the lies being spread about the Jewish state, garnering thousands of views.


In honor of Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg (may his memory be a blessing), Pastor Hagee’s closest friend and spiritual brother, CUFI inaugurated the Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg Fellowship which will foster relationships between pastors and rabbis to continue changing the landscape of Jewish-Christian relations and carry on the work begun by our treasured friendship.

After the passing of our dear friend, Holocaust survivor Irving Roth (may his memory be a blessing), CUFI initiated the Irving Roth Fellowship which provides participants the opportunity to learn Irving’s story and share it with others, so his life and message lives on for generations to come.



In 2021, CUFI on Campus hosted their first ever virtual Student Advocacy and Leadership Training (S.A.L.T), a groundbreaking event that reached hundreds of students and equipped them to advocate for Israel on their campuses, build CUFI on Campus chapters, and pass pro-Israel legislation through their student government.

In July, we gathered for the 2021 CUFI Leadership Summit in Dallas to show solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people. Participants were honored to hear from Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, former Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, Senator Ted Cruz, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and syndicated radio host Dennis Prager, among many others. As a result, CUFI members have sent more than 375k emails to Congress in support of our 2021 Summit legislative agenda, focused on strengthening the cornerstones of U.S. support for Israel.

Throughout 2021, CUFI was dedicated to advancing policy at the state level. As a direct result of these efforts, three states passed legislation combatting the antisemitic movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel. In addition, we began to advance policies that enhance Holocaust education.

Throughout the year, CUFI on Campus has faithfully shared the truth about Israel and combated anti-Israel bias on 330 campuses, advancing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism on five campuses with twelve other campuses in process.




Monthly: Up to $10
One Time: $24 – $120

  • CUFI Pin
  • Quarterly Partner Briefing Call
  • Why Israel Book

Monthly: $11 – $82
One Time: $121 – $999

All partner benefits listed before plus…

  • Monthly Partner Briefing Call
  • Signed copy of Pastor John Hagee’s book In Defense of Israel

Monthly: $83 – $416
One Time: $1,000 – $4,999

All partner benefits listed before plus…

  • Bi-Annual Briefing Calls with Pastor John Hagee


  • Two complementary Summit Registrations
  • Special Event Invitation
  • CUFI Partner Banquet

Monthly: $417 – $2,083
One Time: $5,000 – $24,999

All partner benefits listed before plus…

  • Annual Leadership Summit in San Antonio
  • A plaque on CUFI’s Nehemiah Wall

All partner benefits listed before plus…

  • Partner and Leadership Luncheon
  • Pre-Night to Honor Israel Dinner

Monthly: Min. $2,084
One Time: Min. $25,000

All partner benefits listed before plus…

  • Personalized plaque on CUFI Ambassador Wall

All partner benefits listed before plus…

  • Exclusive Ambassador’s Reception



Join us in our nation’s capital to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. You will receive a master level knowledge of the most up-to-date state of affairs in Israel and the Middle East.

We look forward to standing in support of Israel, we have no doubt that together we can make Israel stronger and her people safer.