As the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, with over 10 million members, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is the foremost Christian organization educating and empowering millions of Americans to speak and act with one voice in defense of Israel and the Jewish people. CUFI’s diversity across political, ethnic, generational and denominational lines maximizes our impact in communities, in the media, on campus, and in our nation’s capital. CUFI is committed to confronting indifference and combating antisemitism in all its forms wherever it may be found.

CUFI was created in February 2006 as a grassroots movement designed to unify Christians across all denominational and cultural boundaries in support of Israel. CUFI began with 400 pastors and ministry leaders. Our size, effectiveness, and diversity across generational, racial, cultural, and denominational lines have positioned us as the leading voice for pro-Israel Christians.

Over the last 18 years we have built a reputation for credibility and relevance that enables us to make a difference during crucial moments. When Israel faces a crisis, CUFI members immediately take action and rally support across America, be it in the pulpits across the country, media outlets, our nation’s college campuses, or Capitol Hill, we confront antisemitism wherever it can be found. CUFI has cultivated a national network of dedicated activists in all 50 states with the tools and resources to anticipate and respond rapidly and effectively to the many different challenges Israel faces.

When thousands of Hamas rockets prompted the 2014 war in Gaza, we brought a pastor from every state to Israel during Operation Protective Edge. When the foreign policy establishment opposed moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, CUFI activists sent the administration over 135,000 emails. When Israel was under attack by terrorism subsidized with American tax dollars, CUFI rallied over one million emails to Congress to help pass the Taylor Force Act. And when anti-Israel forces in Congress tried to stop a vital resupply of Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System, CUFI was there to beat back this insidious effort.

CUFI on Campus has revolutionized the efforts to stop anti-Israel movements on college campuses, and the result of our work with Millennial Christian leaders through the Israel Collective Initiative is groundbreaking.

We are consistently growing in both size and influence because we are carefully committed to putting every dollar of our funding towards the most effective and innovative initiatives.

Your partnership with CUFI makes Israel stronger and her people safer.