Russia is a Threat to Freedom Everywhere

Date released: 03/03/2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the world. In this episode, Kasim sits down with Boris Zilberman, Director of Policy and Strategy at the CUFI Action Fund, to talk about the situation in Ukraine.

Learn what’s behind Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how it relates to America, Israel, and you.

Israel Is an Apartheid State—Isn’t It?

Date released: 02/24/2022

A few weeks ago, Amnesty International labeled Israel as an “apartheid state.” Accusing Israel of apartheid, the racist system which governed South Africa from 1948 until the early 1990s, is a decades-old libel that has no basis in reality. In Israel, Arabs and Jews (indeed, all minorities) have full and equal rights.

Listen to this episode of the CUFI Minute with Kasim Hafeez to learn how to defend Israel against this false accusation.

Tehran’s Tyrants and a New (Same) Iran Deal

Date released: 02/17/2022

In this episode, Kasim compares Theodor Herzl’s pamphlet, The Jewish State, with a religious edict issued by the Supreme Leader of Iran on the same day, many years later. The two documents demonstrate that both the Jewish and Iranian people have suffered from oppression, but while Israel was founded as a pluralistic, democratic society to protect all its citizens, Iran has become a tyrannical and oppressive regime, which abuses its own people, as well as poses a threat to America, Israel, and all the free world.

Here’s an Exclusive Look at CUFI’s Leadership Summit

Date released: 02/10/2022

You’re invited to CUFI’s 2022 Leadership Summit. Hear from Pastor John Hagee, Gov. Greg Abbott, Israeli President Isaac Herzog, and more.

Relive CUFI’s 2022 Leadership Summit or get an exclusive first look at the exciting two days you missed when participants heard from top Middle East experts and CUFI’s team on the importance of standing with Israel and the Jewish people.


Free Palestine—from Hamas and the PA

Date released: 02/03/2022

Anti-Israel detractors often disguise their hatred of the Jewish state with the pro-Palestinian slogan, “Free Palestine.” But innocent Palestinians do need to be freed—from Hamas, the terrorist group which has been the de-facto ruler of the Gaza strip since 2007, and the Palestinian Authority.

A Holocaust Survivor Tells His Story

Date released: 01/27/2022

In honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, this special episode of the CUFI Minute highlights the life and message of the late Irving Roth, an Auschwitz survivor and great friend of CUFI.

On this important day, please take the opportunity to remember, as Irving taught us, that the persecution of Jews always begins with words. Words become slogans, slogans transform society, and soon enough, murder is legitimized.

In the face of evil, we must not be silent. We must speak out for Israel and the Jewish people whenever and wherever antisemitism rears its ugly head.

A Texas Synagogue Was Held Hostage, and We Must Act

Date released: 01/20/2022

In the land of the free, Jews are not free to visit their places of worship without fear. Every freedom-loving American should be appalled that the Jewish community in our country feels less secure in the United States than they did in previous years.

In this week’s special episode of the CUFI Minute, Kasim discusses the recent hostage situation at a Texas synagogue and why Christians must stand up and speak out today.

Standing with Israel & Defending America Against Iran

Date released: 01/13/2022

As world powers meet in Vienna to negotiate a deal with Iran, the Iranian regime continues to plot Israel’s destruction—but Israel is not Tehran’s only target. The country designated as the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism aims to destroy not only Israel but also the United States.

In this week’s episode of the CUFI Minute, find out why standing with Israel is defending America.

New Year, Same Terror Attacks on Israel

Date released: 01/06/2022

As we welcomed a new year, rockets were fired at Israel by Hamas from Gaza. Even though you may not have heard about it in the mainstream media, terror attacks against Israelis continue in many insidious forms.

In this week’s episode of the CUFI Minute, Kasim discusses recent violence from Gaza toward Israel and why we must stand up and speak out for Zion’s sake.

Life-Changing Trips to Israel Help Veterans Healing From PTSD

Date released: 12/30/2021

When you’re walking in the footsteps of Jesus and seeing with your own eyes the places where Biblical events took place, it is impossible to go there and walk away unchanged.

Heroes to Heroes is an organization helping American veterans by providing spiritual healing and peer support for those who suffer from injury and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) through a unique journey to Israel.

Don’t miss this week’s episode of the CUFI Minute as Kasim talks with these American heroes about their experiences. You’ll be inspired by the stories of these veterans overcoming PTSD and hear how their trips to Israel have changed their lives.