In Michigan, Chants of Death to America

Date released: 04/11/2024

Anti-Israel protesters held a rally in Dearborn, Michigan, chanting “Death to America” and calling on Israel to commit to a cease-fire while ignoring the fact that this week marks six months in captivity for hostages kidnapped by Hamas.

In this episode, Kasim cautions complacent Americans who believe the Israel-Hamas conflict is strictly a Middle Eastern problem that Iranian radicalism has reached American soil.

Tables turn on Iran

Date released: 04/04/2024

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps cried foul this week after seven of its top officials were killed in an airstrike on Damascus, including its senior-most official in Syria who has ties to Hezbollah. Iran blamed Israel for the attack, warning that its response will be harsh.

In this episode, Kasim notes the irony of Tehran’s outrage considering the IRGC’s decades-long history of mass executions at home and murder of innocent people worldwide.

Hamas Celebrates America’s Silence

Date released: 03/28/2024

The Biden administration let down Israel and millions of pro-Israel Americans this week when America’s ambassador to the UN refused to veto an anti-Israel resolution demanding a cease-fire in Gaza, instead choosing to abstain from the vote.

In this episode, Kasim describes the dangerous message this sends to Hamas, Iran, and other governments and terror groups bent on Israel’s destruction.


Celebrities, Lies and Propaganda

Date released: 03/21/2024

This week, celebrities joined members of Congress to demand that Israel establish a cease-fire but made no mention of the men, women, and babies still held by Hamas.

In this episode of the CUFI Minute, Kasim focuses on the glaring ignorance of social media moral crusaders who insist that Israel establishes a cease-fire without acknowledging the atrocities committed by Hamas against innocent Israelis who never wanted this war.

Oscar myths and Biden misinformation

Date released: 03/14/2024

From the Oscars to the White House, celebrities and politicians circulated myths and misinformation this week about Palestinian casualties, fueling the spread of antisemitism.

Kasim discusses the effects of false information generated by influential people in this episode of the CUFI Minute.

Slow clap for the UN

Date released: 03/07/2024

The UN finally admitted this week that sexual violence “most likely” occurred on October 7, 150 days after Hamas terrorists livestreamed and broadcast their savage behavior for the world to see.

In this episode of the CUFI Minute, Kasim exposes the UN’s hypocrisy and complicity in the brutalization of Israeli women.

The Palestinian Authority’s Charade

Date released: 02/29/2024

This week, Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh of the Palestinian Authority resigned and the Biden administration suggested a revitalized Palestinian Authority maintain control of post-war Gaza.

In this episode of the CUFI Minute, Kasim explains why returning control of the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Authority would be dangerous for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Life in the dark: 139 days later

Date released: 02/22/2024

Boxes of medicine sent to treat hostages in Gaza were found unopened this week. As news emerges about the horrific treatment of hostages nearly five months after their brutal abduction, Kasim calls out those who demand a cease-fire while ignoring the unspeakable actions of Hamas terrorists.


Is America Hezbollah’s Next Target?

Date released: 02/15/2024

A mother, her son, and a female Israeli soldier were killed this week by Hezbollah rocket attacks from Lebanon. Despite the deaths and thousands of displaced civilians due to enemy attacks on Israel, the world remains silent.

In this episode of the CUFI Minute, Kasim explains what increased Hezbollah attacks against Israel could mean for America.

US House Betrays Israel

Date released: 02/08/2024

This week, on the same day that Israelis received the tragic news that 32 hostages have been killed while in Hamas captivity, they also learned that the US House voted against a bill that would have approved aid to Israel and assisted America’s closest ally in defeating Hamas.

In this episode of the CUFI Minute, Kasim shares the consequences of political partisanship and posturing by members of the US House during Israel’s time of need.