Not Afraid to Tell the Truth

Date released: 09/14/2021

In this episode, Kasim and Corina are joined by Joe Richards, a dynamic and engaging founder of several non-profits whose personal story tied to 9/11 reminds us of how important it is to never forget that tragic day. Plus, receive a biblical encouragement from CUFI on Campus Regional Coordinator, Cherith Runyon.

There’s Nothing Tolerant About the Taliban

Date released: 08/31/2021

In this episode, join Kasim and Corina as they talk to Kirby Calhoun, a 13-year army combat veteran who served a stint in Afghanistan, about recent events in the country. Plus, Randy Neal, CUFI’s National Outreach Director and Field Coordinator, shares a personal and powerful biblical encouragement.

How Hezbollah is Destroying Lebanon by Attacking Israel

Date released: 08/18/2021

In this week’s episode, Kasim and Corina are joined by CUFI’s Senior Director of Policy and Communications, Ari Morgenstern, and Director of Public Policy and Strategy at the CUFI Action Fund, Boris Zilberman, to discuss Lebanon’s recent attack against Israel. Learn how terrorist army Hezbollah is ruining Lebanon in the pursuit of its goal of destroying Israel. Plus, hear an encouraging biblical message from CUFI Field Coordinator, Bobby Scott.

From a Long Line of Coalminers and Moonshiners: How a WV Delegate Supports Israel

Date released: 08/04/2021

In this episode, meet Delegate Kayla Kessinger, a dynamic and well-spoken woman of the Word with a passion for the United States and Israel. Hear her story and find out how God has uniquely positioned you to support Israel for such a time as this. Plus, hear a special biblical encouragement from CUFI’s Josh Ahrens, Director of the Israel Collective.

The Future of the US-Israel Relationship

Date released: 07/20/2021

In this episode, Kasim and Corina interview Ambassador Michael Oren and delve into the US-Israel relationship, antisemitism, and more. And hear biblical encouragement from CUFI Field Coordinator Kirby Calhoun.

How an Iranian Jewish Woman Defends Israel As a Plastic Surgeon

Date released: 07/07/2021

In this episode, Kasim is joined by Dr. Sheila Nazarian. Born in New York to a Jewish family from Iran that wanted to obtain birthright citizenship for her in the U.S. due to Iran becoming an Islamic republic as a result of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Nazarian and her family returned to Iran and were not permitted to leave. When Nazarian was six, she and her family were smuggled out of Iran into Pakistan in a truck filled with corn, and, shortly thereafter, emigrated to the U.S. Tune in to hear their fascinating conversation and also to hear a special biblical encouragement from Dan Ostrem, Video Producer of the Israel Collective

Life in Israel After the 2021 Gaza War Might Surprise You

Date released: 06/22/2021

In this episode, Kasim and Corina will sit down with Sandra Parker, Chairwoman of the CUFI Action Fund to hear about CUFI’s special solidarity mission to Israel with Ambassador Nikki Haley and the CUFI team’s meeting with the Foreign Minister of the UAE. We also get an update on CUFI’s legislative efforts through the Action Fund–plus, hear a biblical encouragement from Raj Nair from the Israel Collective.

Pro-Israel Advocacy Tips from a Social Media Guru

Date released: 06/16/2021

In this episode, Kasim and Corina ask social media guru Zina Rakhamilova for tips about how to be an effective pro-Israel advocate online and combat antisemitism on social media. Plus, hear a special biblical encouragement from CUFI’s National Outreach Director, Randy Neal.

Israel Under Attack from Hamas and the Media

Date released: 05/26/2021

In this episode, Kasim and his new co-host Corina have a heartfelt conversation with Daniel Pomerantz, CEO of Honest Reporting, about life in Israel during the recent Gaza-Israel conflict, Operation Guardian of the Walls. Hear directly from Jerusalem how difficult life under fire has been for our friends in Israel, especially in light of biased and false media coverage, and be encouraged by a special devotional by CUFI’s Donor Development Director, Hope Hernandez.

Just Speak Up: Combating Antisemitism on Campus in Canada

Date released: 05/25/2021

In this episode, Kasim and Corina are joined by Daniel Koren, Executive Director of Hasbara Fellowship Canada. Learn about the unique challenges for the Canadian Jewish and pro-Israel communities on college campuses as well as how covid-19 has contributed to a spike in antisemitism in the past year. Plus, hear special biblical encouragement from the Israel Collective’s Outreach Coordinator, Sammy Lopez.