A Message from Holocaust Survivor Irving Roth

Date released: 01/26/2023

Listen to this episode to hear from our friend, the late Irving Roth, who survived Auschwitz and dedicated his life to ensuring his story—and millions like his—served as a warning to this generation and the next: Antisemitism is not a thing of the past. It is a very real evil that persists in our midst.
While its shades and masks have shifted and mutated in the seven or so decades since Auschwitz, at its core, antisemitism remains the same: hatred for Jews. What begins as words of vitriol, bred in ignorance, soon enough, legitimizes murder.

As Irving said, in times such as these, there is no such thing as a bystander—not really. We each have a responsibility to fight against darkness and shine a light on antisemitism.

Who is Funding Palestinian Terrorism?

Date released: 01/25/2023

Today, the Palestinian Authority continues their “pay to slay” policy, which rewards terrorists and their families based on how many innocent Israelis they kill or injure in a terror attack. Hear how your support for CUFI helps ensure that we continue to demand that American dollars are not sent to entities that use them to perpetuate terrorism.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Pro-Israel Legacy

Date released: 01/17/2023

The CUFI Minute is another way to enjoy CUFI’s online news and analysis segment, the CUFI Weekly. Featuring host Kasim Hafeez, this microcast is a quick yet in-depth topical segment you can listen to while commuting to work or making your afternoon cup of coffee. In under 10 minutes a week, learn about the history behind many threats facing Israel, the significance of important holidays and anniversaries throughout the year, and what’s happening in Israel and the broader Middle East.

What is Happening on College Campuses?

Date released: 01/06/2023

Tomorrow’s leaders are in today’s classrooms. Hear from Jessica Marzucco, Director of CUFI on Campus, as she explains the shocking realities of today’s college campuses. Hear how CUFI is equipping Christian students across the nation to stand up for truth, Israel, and the Jewish people.

Hear about the Impact YOU Have Made This Year!

Date released: 12/30/2022

Because of you, CUFI has made a tremendous impact this year. Hear about how your dedication and support helped pass Holocaust education on the state level, opposed BDS, aided Ukrainian refugees, and much more. You have made a profound impact in keeping Israel and the Jewish people safe.

As we close out 2022, we want to say thank you. As Israel’s enemies grow bolder, we are prepared– with your help– to stand strong in Israel’s defense in 2023.

What is it Like to Celebrate Christmas in the Jewish State?

Date released: 12/23/2022

Join our Israeli friend, Zina Rakhamilova, COO of Social Lite Creative, as she takes us to Jaffa, Nazareth, and Jerusalem, where we hear firsthand about the safety and freedom that Israeli Christians find in the Jewish state.

While Christians in neighboring countries are heavily persecuted, especially at Christmastime, they are free to celebrate and worship as they choose in the State of Israel. As we remember the reason for this holiday that is deeply meaningful, we are thankful that the Christians of Israel can celebrate publicly in safety and freedom.

Understanding Hanukkah in under Five Minutes

Date released: 12/16/2022

In this episode of the CUFI Minute, we learn that there’s more to Hanukkah than meets the eye. From understanding the two miracles this holiday celebrates to learning the secret origins of the dreidel game, the story of Hanukkah has a lot to teach us. Take five minutes and check out this fascinating and delightful edition of the podcast.

Small Town Holocaust Education has a Big Impact

Date released: 12/08/2022

In this week’s edition of the CUFI Minute we meet the students and teachers of Whitwell, TN Middle School who, 20 years ago, decided to create a visual reminder of the Holocaust’s human toll. 11 million people were murdered by the Nazis.  6 million were Jews. So, the students of Whitwell collected paper clips as to represent the 11 million people killed, and the impact of this project has been tremendous.

Kanye, Kyrie, and Billions in Western Aid Feeding Antisemitism

Date released: 12/01/2022

Israelis and Jewish people throughout the world are increasingly under attack. What is the connection between Western aid, antisemitic media, and the record levels of violence toward Jewish people around the globe?

Listen to learn more about the celebrities, media, and policies that continue to push new antisemitic narratives into the culture.

Learn how Christians can speak up and act in defense of Israel and the Jewish people.

Africans Honoring Israel

Date released: 11/18/2022

Listen to be inspired by the beauty of the 9th annual African Night to Honor Israel.

Learn about the deep connection Africans feel with Israel, and the biblical reasons they support Israel and the Jewish people in these times.

While Israel’s enemies attempt to divide her friends, hear how support for Israel based on biblical values brings us all together.