The Iranian Threat to Israeli Tourists

Date released: 06/23/2022

Last week, breaking news in Turkey alerted the world to yet another of Iran’s insidious schemes to target Israel and Jews—simply because they are Jewish—as an Iranian plot to murder Israeli tourists in Istanbul was foiled.

In the wake of the ongoing Iranian threat to Israelis in Turkey, Israel’s security establishment has become increasingly concerned for the safety of Israelis in other countries as well.

Listen now to get caught up on Iran’s latest malevolent actions and how you can help ensure Israel is secure and her people are safe.


Jaffa: The Gateway to Israel

Date released: 06/16/2022

The Israeli Port city Jaffa has rich biblical history. The place from which Jonah sailed to Tarshish to escape God’s call, Jaffa has been significant in Israeli history from the Old Testament to the New Testament up to the establishment of the modern State of Israel.

Find out more about this incredible city with ancient roots. Listen Now.

Uncommon Courage: Israel’s Six Day War

Date released: 06/10/2022

In 1967, five Arab armies attacked Israel. Over the course of six days, Israel miraculously managed not only to survive but to thrive, beating back the invaders and gaining control of new territory, including the Old City of Jerusalem. Today, Israel’s enemies still seek to wipe the Jewish state off the map, and battles between good versus evil wage on across the globe.

Listen now to learn more about the Six Day War and how you can speak out for Israel and America.

What’s Really Happening in Sheikh Jarrah?

Date released: 06/02/2022

In May 2021, Sheikh Jarrah, a neighborhood located in East Jerusalem, made headlines. Anti-Israel activists claimed that Hamas fired hundreds of rockets at Israel in response to the allegedly unjust evictions of Palestinian families from the neighborhood.

But what’s really going on in Sheikh Jarrah?

Find out in this episode of the CUFI Minute as Kasim checks in from East Jerusalem. Listen now.

Operation Solomon: Israel Rescues Thousands of Ethiopian Jews

Date released: 05/26/2022

In 1991, as rebel forces closed in on the capital of Ethiopia during their decades-long civil war, find out the lengths to which Israel went to rescue thousands of Ethiopian Jews and bring them safely to Israel. Operation Solomon reminds us of the true heart of Israel and is just one of many stories you won’t hear in the media. Listen now.

Security Threats at the Israeli-Syrian Border

Date released: 05/19/2022

In this episode, Kasim checks in from the Israeli-Syrian border and talks with Ron Lahad, Israeli government licensed guide, at Syria’s former military headquarters. Learn about the security threats in this region and why we must know the truth and share it – for Zion’s sake. Listen Now.

Welcome to Israel!

Date released: 05/13/2022

The only thing better than standing with Israel is standing in the Holy Land.

In this episode, Kasim checks in from Jerusalem. Listen now to learn why seeing the land of the Bible with your own eyes is critical in the fight against antisemitism.

Meet Israel’s First World Boxing Champion, Yuri Foreman

Date released: 05/05/2022

Hear how a boxing world champion uses his skills to combat antisemitism outside the ring. In this episode, Kasim talks to Yuri Foreman, Israel’s first boxing world champion, in Brooklyn, a hot bed of antisemitic incidents in our nation, about his childhood, boxing career, and his efforts to combat antisemitism in his city.

Quds Day: A Day of Antisemitism

Date released: 04/28/2022

Tomorrow, Quds Day rallies will be held all over the world—even in Western cities—as a “day of protest” and show of solidarity with Palestinians. Participants will hold up signs which read, ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel,’ brandishing posters that feature the faces of terrorists and calling for resistance against ‘the Zionist regime’—all while claiming to support the Palestinian people. 

But does hating Israel help Palestinians? Listen now to learn more about Quds Day and why we must speak out against these antisemitic demonstrations.

Saving Lives is What Israel is All About

Date released: 04/21/2022

A visit to the headquarters of Save a Child’s Heart, an Israeli humanitarian aid organization, showcases the true heart of Israel. The Jewish state has compassion on children in need from nations all over the world and welcomes them so they can receive life-saving surgery in Israel.  

Listen now to join Kasim in Holon, Israel, and see how Israel is a light unto the nations.