Bigotry Toward Israel in Congress

Date released: 07/20/2023

This week, Israeli President Isaac Herzog addressed Congress about U.S.-Israeli relations, but several members of Congress boycotted his address.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim reveals the problem of bigotry toward Israel by some congressional leaders and how Christians can combat this bigotry.

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How Can Christians Prevent Hatred of Jews?

Date released: 07/13/2023

The American media ignored a vile attack against a Jewish man in New York this week. How many other incidents of hatred against the Jewish community go unreported every day?

Kasim answers that question in this week’s episode of the CUFI Weekly and suggests ways that you can serve as an ally to the Jewish community.

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IDF Operation in Jenin Aims to Curb Terror

Date released: 07/06/2023

The IDF launched its largest operation in 20 years in Jenin this week to curb the violence that has killed 50 Israelis over the past 12 months.

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim shows how Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad use the Jenin refugee camp as a base to enact terror against Israeli civilians. But who does the world blames for this violence?

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Iranian Terror Plots against Israel Exposed

Date released: 06/29/2023

This week, an Iranian terror threat was thwarted in Cyprus while Iranian-backed Hezbollah terrorists assembled a camp inside Israeli territory.

In this week’s episode of CUFI Weekly, hear Senior Director of Policy and Communications Ari Morgenstern explain why Israel may be compelled to use military force if diplomatic dealings with Israel’s aggressors prove ineffectual.

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Palestinian Violence is the Obstacle to Peace

Date released: 06/22/2023

Four chairs in four different households will remain empty this Shabbat after a Hamas terrorist opened fire, murdering Harel Masood, Elisha Anteman, Ofer Fayerman, and Nachman Mordoff (may their memory be a blessing).

In this week’s CUFI Weekly, Kasim explains how constant terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens pose the ultimate obstacle to peace.

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Sixteen Years Under Hamas Rule

Date released: 06/15/2023

While politicians, celebrities, and influencers condemn Israel for protecting its citizens, why will they not speak out against the brutality that the people of Gaza live under daily? In this episode of the CUFI Minute, Kasim discusses the dismal conditions Palestinians endure on the 16th anniversary of Hamas’ takeover of the Gaza Strip.

Lone Wolf Attack on Israel-Egypt Border, but Ties Remain Strong

Date released: 06/08/2023

This week, three Israeli soldiers were tragically shot dead by an Egyptian terrorist days after a father of two was shot and killed by Palestinian terrorists.

In this episode of CUFI Weekly, Kasim reveals the complex obstacles Israel faces in protecting its citizens from outside and inside its borders.

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Protecting Christian Heritage in Israel

Date released: 06/01/2023

How does Israel preserve the Christian heritage while other Middle Eastern nations destroy it?

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim answers this question and explains why Christians must stand with Israel to ensure the continued protection of our Christian heritage in the Holy Land.

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Don’t the people of the Middle East deserve better?

Date released: 05/25/2023

Over the last weekend Hezbollah invited journalists to the Israeli-Lebanese border to watch as the group practiced charging Israeli positions. What was the purpose of this demonstration and why is it significant? Find out in this episode of the CUFI Weekly with Kasim Hafeez.

Just How Close Danger Is

Date released: 05/18/2023

In this episode of the CUFI Weekly, Kasim shows the proximity of Hezbollah huts in Lebanon near the Israeli border and explains why Israel must defend itself against terrorist committed to her destruction.

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