Rabbi Scheinberg Fellowship

The Rabbi Scheinberg Fellowship, created in honor of Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg (Of Blessed Memory), will foster long lasting relationships between pastors and rabbis that will transform communities and better the future of Jewish-Christian relations.

Based on the deep and committed friendship between Pastor John Hagee and Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg, this Fellowship will consist of 18 pairs of pastors and rabbis from 18 different cities, (36 Fellows in all), who will grow in their knowledge and love for Israel and each other through the study of God’s Word, by traveling to Israel as a group and by benefitting from each other’s perspectives on their journey—just as Pastor Hagee and Rabbi Scheinberg did.

Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg was a giant among men. Through our (Pastor Hagee’s and Diana’s) more than 40-year friendship with him, we knew him to be a genuine man of God. He was kind, wise, and fearless. Pastor says, “If I needed prayer for my family—I called Rabbi. If my family members were in the hospital—Rabbi was there. If I had a Torah question—Rabbi stopped what he was doing and patiently provided the answer. For years he faithfully taught over 100 women every month the Old Testament at Cornerstone Church.” And Diana adds, “I had the privilege of watching these two men of God pledge their love and loyalty to each other. Rabbi was more than a friend—he was a partner and a brother—he was the champion of our hearts.”

Rabbi was a visionary who, together, with Pastor Hagee, led a movement to join Christians and Jews together in a bond of mutual respect and love.

Were it not for his boundless courage and steadfast faith, Christians United for Israel would not exist. When Pastor Hagee first hosted a Night to Honor Israel, 40 years ago this fall, it was Rabbi Scheinberg who stood by him in the effort to build unity between Christian and Jewish communities. The question that changed the course of history was, “We know how to treat our enemies but what if this man is a friend?”

Throughout the years, their close friendship inspired the increase of genuine relationships between Christians and Jews and led to CUFI’s inception.

Rabbi Scheinberg, who led San Antonio’s Congregation Rodfei Sholom for 50 years, was the honored recipient of the 2003 National Conference of Christians & Jews “Brotherhood-Sisterhood Humanitarian Award” and also of the 2003 United Jewish Communities “Rabbinical Award.” He was also honored as “Man of The Year” by the State of Israel Bonds and by Christians United Israel with the Defender of Israel Award, now named in his honor. In 2018, the Foreign Ministry of Israel together with the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding bestowed upon Rabbi Scheinberg a special award for his pioneering work in Jewish-Christian relations.


  • Rabbi Scheinberg and Pastor Hagee demonstrated that the power of two can change the destiny of a city and of a nation—they are a proven model.
  • Therefore, 36 Rabbi Scheinberg Fellows, (18 selected pairs of pastors/rabbis), will be nominated and approved by the senior leadership of Christians United for Israel.
  • These 36 Scheinberg Fellows for the year of 2021-2022, will:
    1. Meet one-on-one to study the sacred texts.
    2. Participate in virtual monthly meetings with other fellows using CUFI’s The Israel Course curriculum.
    3. The 36 Fellows will receive exclusive quarterly teaching from Pastor Hagee via Zoom. During this time each fellow will:
      • Present the progress the two are making
      • Present the challenges they are facing
      • Present their plans to increase their fellowship with other pastors and rabbis in their city.
      • Propose and execute mutual projects such as:
        • Conduct Nights to Honor Israel events in their cities
        • Hold educational classes in their church or synagogue using CUFI’s The Israel Course” textbook
        • Present plans to bring other local pastors and rabbi’s to the CUFI National Summit in Washington DC
    1. The Scheinberg Fellows will meet privately with Pastor Hagee at the 2022 Summit. Prior to meeting they will:
      • Present in writing to Pastor Hagee the proposed agenda for the Scheinberg Fellowship gathering at the National Summit.
    2. To conclude their Fellowship, the 36 Scheinberg Fellows will journey to Israel and experience the Holy Land together


Behold, how good and pleasant it is
when brothers dwell in unity!
…For there the Lord has commanded the blessing,
life forevermore. Psalm 133
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