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CUFI’s over 10 million members defend Israel
and fight against antisemitism in our communities, churches, college campuses, the media and on Capitol Hill.

Your partnership with CUFI makes Israel stronger and her people safer.

Join us in our nation’s capital to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. You will receive a master level knowledge of the most up-to-date state of affairs in Israel and the Middle East.

We look forward to standing in support of Israel, we have no doubt that together we can make Israel stronger and her people safer.

Fresh news and analysis from Christians United for Israel with your host Kasim Hafeez.

It’s always a great thing when Americans use their voice. CUFI is not just the power of your voice - it’s the importance of the cause you have committed your voice to. – Nikki Haley
Former US Ambassador to the United Nations
For decades, America has been the backbone of Israel’s support in the world. Well, the backbone of that backbone is the support of millions of devout Christians across this great country. More than any other Christian organization, CUFI works year after year to make that backbone stronger and straighter than ever. – Ron Dermer
Israel's Former Ambassador to the United States
For decades, you’ve been leading the effort to support and strengthen Israel within the Christian community. – Benjamin Netanyahu
Former Israeli Prime Minister
I am thankful that you are here today to go to the Hill and expand the number of sponsors to see the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act fly through the Senate and in to the House. – Tim Scott
US Senator
I cannot say I am Christian and not love the Jewish people. – Mariano Rivera
Hall of Fame Pitcher
Antisemitism is bigger than ever before, but CUFI is more effective than ever before. CUFI is a movement across this nation, and it's a movement for such a time as this. – Vice President Mike Pence