Receive ANOINTING OIL and CUFI’s custom ENGRAVED KEY CHAIN OIL HOLDER for your gift of any amount.

Scripture teaches us that an anointing is a special empowerment by God to complete His desired assignment and, as such, all believers have been anointed with the Holy Spirit (1 John 2:27). As those who have been set apart by God, we know that what He calls us to accomplish, He will also equip us to achieve. God Himself will ensure our success in the task to which we have been called, and to this end, we have all been called to bless and defend Israel and the Jewish people—we must just be willing to answer the call.

Each of Christians United for Israel’s 10 million members have the profound privilege of being anointed and appointed as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem. By God’s grace, we are a vehicle of blessing and comfort to the Jewish people in fulfillment of God’s Word (Genesis 12:3). In 2022, CUFI is poised to accomplish great assignments for Zion’s sake—but to do so, we need your full-hearted participation and generous support.

To remind us of all of our God-given calling to defend Israel and bless the Jewish people, we will send you a special vial of anointing oil and CUFI’s custom engraved key chain oil holder for your gift of any amount.